Awesome Things You Can Learn From Revolyn Ultra Diet Pills.

Revolyn Ultra Results
Revolyn Ultra is said to be the successor to the Nuvoryn diet pill and contains not only harmless substances, such as pomegranate and Siberian ginseng (which, by the way, do not affect weight loss), green tea, mate tea and guarana.

But with green tea you can lose weight, right?

Yes, but only at a very high concentration. In one study, subjects received 887 mg of green tea extract per day.

The results of the study show that a high dose of green tea can increase a basic turnover by 0.2%.

I now show you an example of why you can not significantly decrease with so-called fatburner, which usually contain caffeine and green tea .

For example:

A woman with a body height of 1.70 m and a weight of 70 kg has a daily basic turnover of approx. 1400 Kcal.

That is, if it takes a maximum of 1400 Kcal per day, then the weight remains constant.

If you now take Revolyn Ultra or other green tea, caffeine, guarana or Mate diet pills, the basic turnover increases by 2%, ie by exactly 28 Kcal.

To burn 1 kilogram of fat, you have to save 7000 Kcal. To lose 1 kilo she would have to take Revolyn Ultra as 250 days .

This shows us once again that these so-called fat burners, like Revolyn Ultra, which are supposed to increase the metabolism so great, only make the purse easier.

The only way to lose weight is to absorb less calories (less than 1400 kcal in our example) over the food, so the energy balance is in the negative range. Only then do you take off.

But that is not easy. Especially rich foods already have so many kilocalories that one has very quickly reached the daily maximum.

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