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The topic of weight reduction can be approached from two sides: according to the appearance or health aspects. Usually the motivation for losing weight is a mixture of both. However, while the appearance is an individual and often subjective size, there are rules for the weight-bearing rules:

A medically relevant weight reduction occurs when the body weight is reduced by 5% or more. At an initial weight of, for example, 90 kg, this is at least 4.5 kg. Only then can a reduction of typical overweight diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes be emitted.

Visible results will thus be achieved only to a very small extent. Who weighs only 85.5 kg instead of 90 kg will hardly notice a difference in front of the mirror. Here, we usually speak of 10-20% of the required weight reduction to achieve truly visible results.

This makes the matter so difficult and leads regularly to frustration and aborted weight loss attempts.

Since there is no "magic formula" but only more or less effective ways, we have looked at a successfully tested approach: the combination of dietary supplements for weight loss with a change in lifestyle - especially a change of diet and sufficient exercise.

As a rule, any measure alone is generally too little effective, and in itself leads to the above-mentioned frustration. Together, however, they can develop an amazing power of action.

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